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Archimedes Principle

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Archimedes of Syracuse (circa 287 BC - 212 BC), was a Greek mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, physicist and engineer. He was killed by a Roman soldier during the sack of the city, despite orders from the Roman general, Marcellus, that he was not to be harmed. Some historians of Mathematics consider Archimedes as one of the greatest mathematicians in history, along with possibly Newton, Gauss and Euler. Also, St. Lucy was from Syracuse. She died because her eyes was taken out with forks by the violent people.



Archimedes Principle

The concept was put on around 212 B.C., by the Greek scientist Archimedes. According to this principle, an object immersed fully or partially in the liquid is acted upon by the upward force, which is equivalent to the weight of the liquid displaced by the object.

Mathematically, if M is the mass of the liquid, its weight is given by:

                                W= M x g

If V is the volume of the liquid, andp is the density of the liquid, its mass is given by:

                                M = pxV

Hence,                  W = px V xg..

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