10th Class English Two Gentlemen of Verona by A.J. Cronin Question Bank 10th CBSE English Two Gentlemen of Verona by A.J. Cronin

  • question_answer              Even if the boys were untidy and shabbily dressed, the  author and his companion found them interesting and fascinating. Comment.  (HOTS)                   OR 'Appearances are deceptive'. Discuss with reference to Nicola and Jacopo.               (TBQ)


                      Nicola and Jacopo-two young brothers, were into a situation in which they could not take care of their dress and outfits. When they met the narrator for the first time, they were untidy and poorly dressed. One of the boys was wearing an old worn out jersey with cut-off khaki pants and the other was attired in a shortened army tunic. They had unkempt hair. Despite their shabbiness and poor appearance, there was something special in them. Their appearances were simply deceptive. Behind their looks hid their qualities such as sacrifice, devotion, love, faith, confidence and hard work. They faced all the challenges thrown up by adversity. These qualities were shining in their eyes. Hence, the narrator and his companion found the boys interesting and strangely fascinating. From this we can really believe that 'Appearances are deceptive'.

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