9th Class Social Science Electoral Politics Question Bank 9th CBSE Social Science Electoral Politics

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    Here are some facts on Indian elections. Comment on each of these to say whether they reflect the strength or the weakness of our electoral system.               The Lok Sabha has always had less than 10% women members. The Election Commission often refuses to  accept the government's advice about when the elections should be held. (c) The   current   Lok   Sabha   has   more than 145 members whose assets are more than Rs. 1 crore. After losing an election the Chief Minister said. 'I respect the people verdict'.


                    (a) It is the weakness of our electoral system which sends only 10% women members to the Lok Sabha while the population of women is nearly 50% of the total population. (b) It is the strength of our electoral system which has given the power to the Election Commission to refuse or to accept the advice of the ruling party about the election dates. (c) This is the weakness of our electoral system, which does not give equal chance to both poor and rich. Those candidates, who are rich, have a better chance of winning than the poor in our country. (d) This is the strength of our electoral system which enjoys the faith of both the defeated and winning candidates. Barring very few disputed elections, the electoral outcomes are usually accepted as 'people's verdict' by the defeated party.

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