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    With reference to a universal set, the inclusion of a subset in another, is relation, which is [Karnataka CET 1995]

    A) Symmetric only

    B) Equivalence relation

    C) Reflexive only

    D) None of these

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Since\[A\subseteq A\]. \[\therefore \] Relation \['\subseteq '\] is reflexive. Since \[A\subseteq B,\,\,\]\[B\subseteq C\Rightarrow A\subseteq C\] \[\therefore \] Relation \['\subseteq '\] is transitive. But \[A\subseteq B,\,\,\]Þ\[B\subseteq A\], \[\therefore \] Relation is not symmetric.

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