9th Class Social Science Working of Institutions Question Bank Long Answer Type Questions - Working of Institutions

  • question_answer What does independence of Judiciary mean? Mention any four provisions implemented to make the Judiciary independent.


    Independence of Judiciary means that the Constitution has certain provisions that has made the Judiciary free from the controls and pressure of the Executive and Legislature. This has been done to ensure impartial dispensation of justice. Following are the provisions which implemented to make the Judiciary independent: (a) Judges cannot be removed from office by any authority but only by a complex procedure known as Impeachment. (b) The salaries of a judge are high and fixed. They cannot be reduced under any circumstances except in the case of a financial emergency. (c) No retired judge of the Supreme Court can practice in any Indian Court. (d) A judge cannot be criticized on the floor of parliament except when Impeachment proceedings are being carried on.


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