2nd Class English Spoken and written Expression Question Bank Spoken and Written Expression

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    Directions: Read the following conversation based on a story and fill in the blanks from the options given below. The Lion and the Rabbit Narrator: Once upon a time in a jungle. The lion has fixed up a day for each animal to be eaten by it. This time is the turn of a rabbit. Lion: (roars)" I will eat you right away." Rabbit: No, you can't Lion (laughs) (32)"__________saying. "Are you (33) ________j" Rabbit: No, (34) ___all. Lion: Are you joking? Or you have gone mad because of your fear of dying. Rabbit:" I am (35) __________." Narrator: By now the lion is also wondering as to what has gone wrong to the rabbit Lion: "(36) ______ die." Rabbit: Wait... I am Calling my friend. Lion:' Friend? (37)____________friend". Rabbit: Okay, I will take you there. Narrator: The lion starts following the rabbit. Lion: where does he stay? Rabbit: "He (38) _______a well." Narrator: They reach near a well. Rabbit: He looks into well. Narrator: The rabbit looks inside the well. Rabbit: See_ (39)"__________there". Narrator: The lion looks inside, it sees its own reflection and thinks that there?  Another lion that stays in that well. Lion roars (40)."__________"_. its voice echoes"(41) __________". Narrator: The same voice comes back. This really makes the lion angry and if jumps into the well. Narrator: This story teaches us that_ (42) ___________.

    A) "give you my car?                   

    B) "what are you saying?

    C) "can I help you"                  

    D) "Oh! Good you are here"

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

        "what are you saying"

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