JEE Main & Advanced Physics Work, Energy, Power & Collision / कार्य, ऊर्जा और शक्ति Question Bank Work Done by Variable Force

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    The potential energy of a body is given by,  U =\[A-B{{x}^{2}}\](Where x is the displacement). The magnitude of force acting on the particle is                       [BHU 2002]

    A)             Constant

    B)               Proportional to x

    C)             Proportional to \[{{x}^{2}}\]

    D)             Inversely proportional to x

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

                    \[U=A-B{{x}^{2}}\]Þ \[F=-\frac{dU}{dx}=2Bx\] Þ \[F\propto x\]

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