8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 3

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    Read the outlines of a story given below. Write it in full using these outlines and your own ideas.
    Assign a suitable title to it:    
    Outlines:-A small boy?live with mother ? develops the habit of stealing ? Mother does not check ___develops the habit when grows ? caught ? punished.
    Complete the story on the basis of the given beginning:
    Ramu was a porter. He was a very honest boy. One day an old man hired him to carry the luggage to his house. On reaching his home the old man gave Ramu................


    Habit of Stealing                                                                                                                                    
    There was a boy named Rahul who lived in a small house with his mother in the city of Karnal. When he was about 7-8 years old, he developed the habit of stealing things in his class from other children's bags and pencil boxes.
    Rahul's mother, even after seeing his box, did not ask from where did he get the expensive pencils, erasers and pens. She was rather happy to see that her son never demanded such things from her.
    Time passed on and gradually Rahul started stealing more things from his friends and classmates. He did not even hesitate to steal money. He started enjoying his life more than he could actually afford to, and this habit made him a perfect thief. Once when he entered one house to steal the things, he was caught red handed and was handed over to the police. He was badly beaten by the police and when he was asked that why and how did he become a thief, he blamed his mother by saying that if she had stopped him from the very childhood, he would had not be a thief.
    Rs. 100 for his labour. Ramu charged only Rs. 90 for that much work Since neither of them had any change, the old man told him to keep the money. Later on, in the evening, Ramu came back to return Rs. 10 to the old man. The old man was touched by the boy's honesty. He wanted to help Ramu in some way or the other. He asked him to stay with him. Ramu stayed in his house and started working as the old man's caretaker. He looked after the members of the family, cleaned the house, did gardening, etc. The old man was very happy seeing his dedication towards work so he helped Ramu to pursue his education. After finishing all the household chores Ramu used to sit to study. He worked so hard that he finally became a police officer. Till date he is indebted to the old man for his gratitude but the reality is that it's his honesty that had made him earn this position in life.

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