Solved papers for 12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2016 Delhi Set-II

done Solved Paper - Geography 2016 Delhi Set-II

  • question_answer1) Why is sex ratio in some European countries recorded favourable to females? Give one reason.

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  • question_answer2) Define the term 'technopolies.'

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  • question_answer3) How is 'Barter system' practiced among various tribal communities in the world?

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  • question_answer4) Name the Union territory of India having lowest density of population as per 2011 census.

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  • question_answer5) Name the major seaport which has been developed to relieve the pressure at Chennai seaport.

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  • question_answer6)

    Study the diagram given below and answer the questions that follow:
    (i) Identify and name the pattern by rural settlement.
    (ii) In which type of areas do we find such settlement patterns?
    (iii) Give an important characteristic of this type of settlement pattern.

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  • question_answer7) Explain the importance of irrigation for agriculture in India.

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  • question_answer8) Differentiate between Co-operative farming and Collective farming; stating any five points of distinctions.

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  • question_answer9) 'Low productivity' and 'Fragmentation of land holdings' are the major problems of Indian agriculture.? Suggest and explain measures to overcome these problems.

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Solved Paper - Geography 2016 Delhi Set-II
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