JEE Main & Advanced JEE Main Paper Phase-I (Held on 07-1-2020 Evening)

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    A chromatography column, packed with silica gel as stationary phase, was used to separate a mixture of compounds consisting of (A) benzanilide (B) aniline and (C) acetophenone. When the column is eluted with a mixture of solvents, hexane : ethyl acetate (20 : 80), the sequence of obtained compounds is                     [JEE MAIN Held on 07-01-2020 Evening]

    A) (A), (B) and (C)

    B) (C), (A) and (B)

    C) (B), (C) and (A)

    D) (B), (A) and (C)

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    [b] The component which is more strongly adsorbed will be obtained later upon elution It also depends upon the strength of interaction between compound and mobile phase. Benzanilide Aniline Acetophenone So, will be obtained first then then (B).

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