12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2012 Delhi Set-I

  • question_answer 'Despite the setback, caused by the partition.., India ports continued to grow after the independence'. Support the statement with examples.


    Before independence, the British Government used the ports as suction points of the resources from their hinterlands. After independence, it was expected that the country?s independence will reverse the process, but the partition of the country snatched away two very important ports i.e. Karachi port went to Pakistan and Chittagong port to the erstwhile east-Pakistan now Bangladesh.
                Despite this major setback, Indian ports continued to grow after the independence. Kandla in Kuch was the first port built up soon after independence to relieve the augmented pressure on Bombay port, following the loss of Karachi port to Pakistan. Later on Government of India took initiatives to develop 12 highly equipped ports in India.
                Today we have 185 minor and 12 major ports. Today Indian Ports are handling large volume of domestic as well as overseas trade. The capacity of Indian ports increased from 20 million tons cargo in 1951 to 500 million tons at present. The experience of operating berths through PPPs at some of the major ports in India has been quite successful. It has, therefore, been decided to expand the programme and allocate new berths to be constructed through PPPs. A model concession agreement is being formulated for this purpose.


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