WB JEE Medical WB JEE Medical Solved Paper-2015

  • question_answer Consider the following salts: \[NaCl,HgC{{l}_{2}},\text{ }H{{g}_{2}}C{{l}_{2}},\text{ }CuC{{l}_{2}},\text{ }CuCl\]and \[\text{AgCl}\text{.}\]Identify the correct set of insoluble salts in water.

    A)  \[H{{g}_{2}}C{{l}_{2}},\text{ }CuCl,\text{ }AgCl\]

    B) \[~HgC{{l}_{2}}\text{, }CuCl,\text{ }AgCl\]

    C)  \[~H{{g}_{2}}C{{l}_{2}}\text{, }CuC{{l}_{2}},\text{ }AgCl\]

    D)  \[~H{{g}_{2}}C{{l}_{2}},\text{ }CuCl,\text{ }NaCl\]

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

     Salts such as \[\text{NaCl,}\,\text{HgC}{{\text{l}}_{\text{2}}}\text{,}\,\text{CuC}{{\text{l}}_{\text{2}}}\]are soluble in water while salts such as \[\text{H}{{\text{g}}_{\text{2}}}\text{C}{{\text{l}}_{\text{2}}}\text{,}\,\text{CuCl}\]and \[\text{AgCl}\]are insoluble in water.


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