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Tracing Changes through A thousand Years 9 The origin and evolution of the earth 6 Sources and Historical construction 8 On Equality 12 Air 9 Life in the Deserts 6 Interior of the Earth / पृथ्वी का आंतरिक भाग 6 Role of the Government in Health 11 The Delhi Sultans 5 Diversity 11 How The State Government Works 6 Growing Up as Boys and Girls 6 Rulers and Buildings 6 Women Change the Worlds 6 Towns, Traders and Craftspersons 6 Understanding Media 6 Atmosphere / वायुमंडल 6 Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities 12 Democracy 1 The State Legislature 12 Climate / जलवायु 8 Life in The Temperate Grasslands 2 Devotional Paths to the Divine 14 Markets Around Us 6 Drainage 7 The Making of Regional Cultures 13 A shirt in the Market 6 Natural Vegetation and Wild Life / प्राकृतिक वनस्पति और वन्य जीवन 12 Struggles for Equality 6 Inside our Earth 6 North India from 700 CE to 1200 CE 6 Eighteenth Century Political Formations 5 Our Changing Earth 7 New Kings and Kingdoms 12 Delhi Sultnat (Gulam, Khilji, Tughlak, Sayyed, Lodhi) 7 Water 6 Our Environment 4 Gender, Religion and Caste 6 Ecology and Ecosystem Biodiversity 5 Human Environment Settlement,Transport and Communication 6 Fundamental Rights and Duties 23 The Mughal Empire 12 Human Environment Interactions the Tropical and the Subtropical Region 6 Human Resources 26 The decline of the Mughal empire and Rise of Autonomous states 8 Environment 2 Arts and Cultural Movements 13 Advertisement 1

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