Study Packages for 9th Class Social Science

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Assertion And Reason (MCQs) - Physical Features of...


Case Based (MCQs) - People as Resource
Assertion And Reason (MCQs) - People as Resource
MCQ - People as Resource
Case Based (MCQs) - The Story of Village Palampur
Assertion And Reason (MCQs) - The Story of Village...
MCQ - The Story of Village Palampur
Case Based (MCQs) - Constitutional Design
Assertion And Reason (MCQs) - Constitutional Desig...


MCQ - Constitutional Design
Case Based (MCQs) - What is Democracy ? Why Democr...
Assertion And Reason (MCQs) - What is Democracy ?&...
Case Based (MCQs) - Physical Features of India
MCQ - Physical Features India
Case Based (MCQs) - India Size and Location
Assertion And Reason (MCQs) - India Size and Locat...
MCQ - India Size and Location


Case Based (MCQs) - The French Revolution
Assertion And Reason (MCQs) - The French Revolutio...
MCQ - The French Revolution

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