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The name of the object or the subject has to be mentioned first, so that the reader has an idea about what you are talking about.  



This lesson will help you to 

  • understand pronouns.
  • use pronouns in place of nouns 
  • make better sentences.



We all know that pronouns are words that are used in place of naming words. For example: I, She, He, You, are used for one person whereas. We. They, and You are used for more than one person. It is used for animals, places and things. There are:


Possessive pronouns: words used in place of nouns to show that something belongs to someone are called possessive pronouns. Yours, mine, theirs, hers and his are possessive pronouns


Objective pronouns: Words like me, us, them, whom her, him, it, and you are the object of the sentence. For example. Mr. Paul will buy a car for him

Demonstrative pronouns: Words such as this, that, these and those are called demonstrative pronouns. This is used when we want to tell of a single thing near us.


  • That is used when we want to tell about a single thing not near to us. 
  • These is used to tell about more than one thing near to us. ·     
  • Those is used to tell about more than one thing not near to us.



Objective pronouns are the object and not the subject of the sentence.  



Copy a story or a passage from a book. Instead of writing the pronouns write the name of the subject. Always write the name in place of pronouns ask your friend to replace the nouns with the friend to do can the same for you.

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