5th Class Mathematics Fractions Introduction


Category : 5th Class

*    Introduction


Fraction is a number which is used to represent a part of a whole. It is in the form P of \[\frac{P}{Q}\]. Where P and Q are natural numbers. P is called numerator of the fractionand Q is called denominator. For example, \[\frac{5}{9}\] is a fraction, where 5 is numeratorand 9 is denominator of the fraction.  



Represent the shaded part of the following figure as a fraction and write numerator and denominator of the fraction.




The above figure has been divided into 5 equal parts. Out of 5 parts 1 part is shaded. Therefore, fractional representation of the shaded part \[\frac{1}{5}\] and numerator = 1, and denominator = 5.

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