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*  Fraction  



* Like Fraction

The fractions which have the same denominator are called like fractions. For example, \[\frac{5}{7},\frac{9}{7},\frac{5}{7}\]are like fractions as they have the same denominator.



Write the like fraction of \[\frac{8}{21}\]whose numerator is 4.



According to the question numerator should be 4 and like fractions have same denominator thus the required fraction will be \[\frac{4}{21}.\]



* Unlike Fraction

The fractions which have different denominators are called unlike fractions. For example, \[\frac{58}{87},\frac{52}{75},\frac{45}{88}\]are unlike fractions as they have different denominators.



Represent the shaded part in the following figures into fractional form and check are they unlike fractions?



Fractional representation for the shaded part in first figure is \[\frac{2}{4}\]and for the second figure is \[\frac{4}{6}.\] The fractions have different denominators. Therefore, they are unlike fractions.  



* Unit Fraction

The fractions which have the numerator 1 are called unit fractions. For example,\[\frac{1}{5},\frac{1}{8},\frac{1}{12}\]are the unit fractions as each of them has the numerator 1.  



The following picture has been divided into 5 equal parts. How many parts of the figure should be shaded so that fractional representation of the shaded part of the figure is a unit fraction.




A unit fraction has the numerator 1, therefore, only 1 part should be shaded.  



* Proper Fraction      

If the numerator of a fraction is smaller than denominator, the fraction is called proper fraction. For example, \[\frac{5}{7}\] is a proper fraction as 5 is smaller than 7.



A flowering plant contains 19 flowers. 11 flowers fall down. What fraction of the total flower falls down? Is it a proper fraction?             



Total number of flower = 19

Number of flower which falls down = 11

Fractional representation of the flowers which fall down out of total flower \[=\frac{11}{19}\]

11 is smaller than 19 thus \[\frac{11}{19}\]is a proper fraction.  



* Improper Fraction

If the numerator of a fraction is greater than denominator, the fraction is called improper fraction. For example,\[\frac{19}{17}\]is an improper fraction as 19 is greater than17.



11 kg of sweet is distributed among 5 persons. Represent the amount each ofthe person would get as a fraction and check it is a proper or improper fraction?



Total amount of sweet = 11 kg

Number of person = 5

Total amount which each of the persons would get \[=\frac{11}{5}kg\]

\[\frac{11}{5}\] is an improper fraction as numerator is greater than denominator in the fraction.  



* Mixed Fraction

Mixed fraction is a sum of a whole number and a proper fraction. Both the wholenumber and the fraction are written together but sign of the addition (+) remains disappeared between them. For example, \[4\frac{1}{5}\]is a mixed fraction. Where 4 is a whole number and \[\frac{1}{5}\] is a proper fraction.


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