2nd Class Mathematics Measurement Length, Weight and Capacity Length, Mass and Capacity

Length, Mass and Capacity

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Length, Mass and Capacity






The eraser is 3 cm long.

                               The pencil is between 1 cm   

                               and 10 cm.

                               The pencil’s length is 10 cm

                               - 1 cm = 9 cm.  


The lengths of objects can be measured using a ruler or a tape.

The lengths and heights of objects and distances between objects can be measured in centimetres (cm) and metres (m). Longer distances are measured in kilometres.

1 m = 100cm

1000 m = 1 km


The milk bottle is heavier

than the 1 kg mass.

The flour packet is as heavy as the 1 kg mass.


The bread is lighter than the 1 kg mass.


·         Mass can be measured in kilograms (kg) and grams (g).

·         1 kg is equal to 1000 g. 1 kg is more than 1 g.

·         Half a kg is 500 g.    


The mass of an object is measured using a scale. There are different types of scales. Each marking on the scale stands for different masses.



Volume is the amount of liquid (e.g., water Juice) in a container.

Capacity of a container is the volume of the liquid that it can hold.

Volume is measured in litres (Z) and millilitres (m\[l\]).

1 I = 1000 m\[l\].    






Notes - Length, Mass and Capacity

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