3rd Class English Pronouns Practice Exercise

Practice Exercise

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*     Practice Exercise


Fill in the blanks with appropriate pronouns for nouns.  


  There is a garden in my house _________ is full of flower.



It (Personal Pronoun)  



  Farmers live in village _______ work from morning to evening.



They (Personal Pronoun)  



  The man saw the boys making a noise. _________ told them not to do so.



He (Personal Pronoun)



 Marry came to William. _________ was sleeping at the time.



She (Personal Pronoun)  





Identify the kind of pronoun used in the sentence:  


  Look at these cows. They are grazing in the field. 'They is?

(A) Personal Pronoun                                   

(B) Reflexive Pronoun

(C) Demonstrative Pronoun                       

(D) Possessive Pronoun

(E) Interrogative Pronoun  


Answer: (A)

Explanation :

They is personal pronoun. Therefore, option (A) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.  



  Anyone has called you. Anyone is?

(A) Reflexive Pronoun                                  

(B) Personal Pronoun

(C) Demonstrative Pronoun                       

(D) Indefinite Pronoun

(E) Interrogative Pronoun  


Answer: (D)


Anyone is indefinite pronoun. Therefore, option (D) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect  





  • Personal Pronoun: The pronoun that is used for a person or thing is called Personal Pronoun.
  • Demonstrative Pronouns: The Pronoun that is used to point out the object we talk about is called Demonstrative Pronouns.
  • Interrogative Pronoun: The pronoun which is used to ask a question is called Interrogative Pronoun.
  • Reflexive Pronouns: A Reflexive pronoun is used to show the effect of the action done by the subject on itself.
  • Possessive Pronoun: The pronoun which shows possession is called possessive Pronoun.
  • Distributive Pronoun: The pronoun which is used as distributer of a person of thing is called Distributive Pronoun.
  • Indefinite Pronoun: The pronoun which refers to something that is not definite or specific or exact is called Indefinite Pronoun.
  • Emphatic or Emphasizing Pronoun: The pronoun that is used to emphasize a noun or a pronoun is called Emphatic or Emphasizing Pronoun.    

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