3rd Class English Story Writing Developing Stories from Given Outlines

Developing Stories from Given Outlines

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*     Developing Stories from Given Outlines  




*     Hints

A hunter aiming an arrow at a dove.........About to kill........steps on a snake He wanted.......better aim........bitten..........dies moral.


  *     The Hunter and The Dove

A hunter saw a dove sitting among the branches of a tree. He wanted to kill the dove. So he raised his bow and aim at the bird. He wanted to take a better aim. So he stepped back a little. But unknowingly, he tepped on a snake. The snake bit him in the leg. Soon the poison spread in the whole body and he died. The dove as saved. It is true that if a person plans mischief to others, he himself falls a victim to it.

Moral: Strength lies in unity.  




*      Hints

A lion resting in a jungle.......  A mouse rolls over the lion......  The lion catches it...... .the mouse asks to be pardoned........ the lion caught in a trap......... roars for help ........the mouse cuts the net .......... the lion rescued.  


 *     The Reward of Kindness  

It was a hot summer day. A lion was resting in the shade of a tree. A little mouse lived in a hole nearby. As the mouse came out of its hole, unfortunately it rolled over the body of the lion. The lion was very angry. It caught the mouse in the paw and was going to kill it. The mouse said, "I am sorry for disturbing you. But I never wanted to do so. Please 'pardon me. I am a small creature. But even I may be of help to you at some time in the future." The lion laughed at the words of the mouse but let it go. But could not get free. So it roared for help. The mouse heard the roar of the lion. It came rushing to the place. It nibbled the strings of the net in a short while. The lion got free ­it thanked the mouse.  

Moral: As you sow, so shall you reap.  





The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf  

Once a shepherd boy thought of mischief. He called up, "Wolf I Wolf! Help me! Help me!" Farmers from nearby fields came to help him. He laughed and said that he was joking. He did the same the next day also. The farmers feltangry and insulted. One day a wolf really came. The boy called for help. Nobody came to help him. The wolf tore him to pieces and ate him up.            

Moral: Never tell a lie         





*     Hints

There lived a crow in ........... One day he was very thirsty ............ flew here and there in search ............. He saw a pitcher .............. at the bottom of that Pitcher ...........  some pebbles. ............. thought a plan ........... threw pebbles into pitcher ............ came up........... quenched his thirsty flew away.  


*      A Thirsty Crow  

Once, there was a crow. He was very thirsty. He went here and there in search of water. But he could not find it anywhere.  At last, he went in a garden. There he saw Pitcher of water. The water level was very low. The crow could not drink it. He began to think a plan. He saw some pebbles at a distance. He picked them up. Then he dropped them into the pitcher. The level of water came up. Then the crow could drink the water.

Moral: Where there is a will, there is a way.    





*     The Farmer and his Lazy Sons  

A farmer had four sons. They were very lazy. They did not work. The farmer was about to die. He called his sons to him. He told them a secret. He had hidden a treasure in his fields. After some jays His sons performed his last rites. Then    

Moral: Treasure lies in hard work.    






Once a fox was jungle. The fox was ............. He saw some bunches of ............ His ................ was watered. He .......... and tried to eat grapes. But all was in ........ Lastly he said, "The grapes .......... are.  


*     The Grapes Are Sour  

Once a fox was roaming in jungle. He was hungry. He was looking for something to eat in a forest. He moved about to find to some food but he found nothing of that sort. Suddenly, he saw some bunches of grapes were hanging garden. His mouth was watered. He jumped again and again to get the grapes but failed to do so. Lastly, he was tired and said that grapes were sour and he may fall sick after eating the grapes. And he went away.


Moral: It is easy to hate what you cannot have.    





*     The Fox and the Crane


Once, there lived a fox and a crane in a forest. The fox was very clever. One day, the fox thought of making a fun of the crane. He invited the crane to dinner. He served the soup in a shallow plate. He himself lapped the soup. The crane couldeat nothing. He returned hungry. After a few days, the crane invited the fox to dinner. It serves the fish in a jar having a narrow neck. The fox could eat nothing. He realized his foolishness.


Moral: Tit For Tat  


*     Hints

Birbal - courtiers jealous of him - ask Akbar to let them test his wiseness - one courtier puts a question to him - How many crows in Agra - Birbal asks for a week to study the situation - everyday seen on the terrace looking at the crows - after a week courtier asks him again - Birbal says as many crow as hairs in the courtier's head - Akbar laughs.  


*    Clever Birbal

Some courtiers in Akbar's court were jealous of Birbal. They asked Akbar permission to let them test Birbal's wiseness. Akbar told them to go ahead.

One courtier stepped up to Birbal and said, "You are indeed very clever. Surely you can tell me how many crows there are in Agra" Birbal thought for a moment and said, "Give me a week and I shall give you the exact number."

From that evening onwards Birbal was to be seen on the terrace staring out across at the crows that flew by or were perched on various places.

A week passed and darbar was called once again. The courtier stepped up to Birbal and put the same question to him again.

Birbal said to him, "Could you tell me how many hairs there are on your head?" "Why no," said the man.

"I am sorry, then," said Birbal, "For that is exactly how many crows there in Agra." Akbar and all the courtiers had a hearty laugh at this.  

Moral: Intelligence is strength.    

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