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Real Life Example

You watch cartoons every day. They all are stories. Chota Bheem, Doraemon, Shin Chan they all are characters which take you to the imaginary worlds. The movies we watch are also stories told.


This lesson will help you to:-

  • understand how story is written.
  • develop a story with the help of prompts.



In class-3 you can learn to communicate in complete thoughts for different purposes. At the beginning of class-3, you may still write in short, literal, choppy sentences but as you progress through the year, you learn to write more detailed essays and stories to communicate what you are learning.

The outline of a story is the basic framework of a story. It is often just a skeleton outline. It shows us some of the main facts of the story and tell in brief what the story is alike. We have to fill in all the details relevant to the story and thus make up a readable story.  



The following few hints will tell you how to build up a story from a given outline:

  1. Read the given outline carefully.
  2. Note all the points.
  3. Follow as strictly as possible the sketch provided.
  4. Be careful to connect the various points given in the outline.
  5. The conclusion or ending of a story should be striking and interesting.
  6. If you are asked to give a title or heading to the story you may name it, after the main character, object or incident of the story.
  7. Revise your writing and remove all mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.  


Try This


(A) An old Brahmin __ had four sons __quarrelsome ___ was very much pained to see this __advised them many a time in vain ___ the old Brahmin on his deathbed ___ summoned all his sons ___ asked the eldest to bring a bundle of sticks ___ the bundle tied with string __ no son could break it alone __ Brahmin told them to break the bundle together ___ they succeeded ___ the Brahmin's advice___ moral.                                 

Complete Story: Title: "Unity is the greatest strength". An old Brahmin had four sons who constantly quarrelled among themselves. He was very much pained to see all this. He was anxious to leave behind a united family. So when his end drew near, he called all his sons together and asked the eldest to bring a bundle of sticks. As the bundle was tied with string so the Brahmin told his sons one by one to break the bundle. None of the sons could break it alone. Now the Brahmin told them to break the bundle together, they tried a lot and finally succeeded in breaking the bundle. So the Brahmin advised them not to fight again and remain together in their life and work. Moral ___"United we stand, Divided we fall".  




Complete Story: Title: "The cunning fox and the Clever stork".

Once upon a time there was a cunning fox in a forest. He used to make fool of other animals by playing his tricks on them. One day when came to a river to drink water, he found a stork standing beside and catching and eating fish. The fox made friendship with the stork and invited him for dinner in his cottage.

The cunning fox tried to play his trick by serving the food in a shallow plate. The stork could not eat any food due to his long beak. He could only lick the plate but he thanked the fox for a tasty dinner. The stork also invited the fox to come to his home for dinner the next night. Now .the clever stork wanted to teach a lesson to the fox so he served the food in a long necked vessel. The fox could not eat anything but licked the mouth of the vessel and understood the lesson. Moral ___ "Tit for Tat".


Smallest Story

Once I was travelling from Endiburgh to London. A man came and sat on the opposite berth, He asked me- "Do you believe in ghots?" I said, "No". He vanished

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