3rd Class Mathematics Shapes and Patterns Shapes


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Basic shapes:

  • 2 – dimensional shapes:



  • 3 - dimensional shapes:




Closed and Open figures:


  • Closed figures:


  • Open figures:



Description of some basic shapes:

  • Square       Rectangle




It has four sides and four corners. 

All its sides are of same length.


It has four sides and four corners.

The opposite sides of a rectangle are having same length.


  • Triangle Cuboid




  • Cube                Cylinder





It has 6 flat faces and 12 straight edges. 

It has 3 faces\[\to \] 1 curved face and 2 flat faces..

It has 2 cured edges.



  • Cone


It has 2 faces \[\to \]  1 curved face and 1 flat face.

It has 1curued edge.









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