3rd Class Mental Ability Analogy 372 Analogy and Classification

Analogy and Classification

Category : 3rd Class

In this topic, two pair of figures is given on either side of:

There is a certain relationship between each pair.

The student has to identify the relation and find the missing figure.




How to classify or find the odd figure/different figure/similar figure amongst the others?

Observe the figures in questions on the basis of their shapes, size, shadings, their parts, their mirror images, number of sides, curved an straight characteristics etc., to find the odd figure, different figure or similar figure amongst the given figures.





1.         Which of the following options is different from others?

(a)             (b)           (c)        (d)


Explanation (d):  

In options A, B & C pair or figure are related to each other as corresponding shape can be made from the solid figure.



 2.       There is a certain relationship between the pair of figures given on either on either side of :: identify the relationship of given pair and find the missing term.



(a)                 (b)                  (c)                  (d)


Explanation (a):

Number of dots on visible faces of cubes is 9.


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