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                   Student will be able to study the similar pattern and completer the given series with the suitable terms.

                   They will be able to sort to out objects on the basis of similarity




It is a similarity or comparability between like features of two things on which a comparison may be based. In these types of questions, a series of numbers or alphabetical letters or combinations of both are given. The students are required to identify the relationship between two or more things and find out the alternative based on that relationship.



Types of Analogy Relationships



Type I: Completing the Analogous Pair


In these types of questions, three words are given and two words are related to each other in some way. The candidates required to find out the relationship between the third and fourth word on the basis of the relationship of the first two words



Picture Based Analogy



Directions (Examples 1 & 2):


There is a certain relationship between the pair of figures given on either side of:: Identify the relationship of given pair and find the missing term.



Example 1

(a)               (b)

(c)               (d)



Ans. (a)


Sum of dots on visible face of cube is 8.




Example 2

(a)            (b)

(c)           (d)    



Ans. (b)


First figure of the pair can be put in the second figure.


Type II: Number Based Analogy


Direction (Example 3): Two numbers written in the arrow are related to each other. Find the missing term in the second arrow following the same rule.


Example 3

(a) 35                            (b) 42          

(c) 40                            (d) 28





As, \[5\times 4=20.\]

Similarly, \[7\times 4=\text{ }28.\]So, the missing number is 28.



Type III: Letter Based Analogy



Direction (Example 4): Identify the relation between the given pair of either side of: : and find the missing term.


Example 4

(a) Z                              (b) Y             

(c) V                             (d) W



Ans. (d)


As, 'B' is second letter from the starting in the English alphabet and 'Y' is second letter from the end. Similarly, 'D' is fourth letter from the starting and 'W is the fourth letter from the end.



Type IV: Word Based Analogy



Direction (Example 5): Identify the relation between the given pair on either side of: : and find the missing term.


Example 5

(a) Swim                        (b) Quack      

(c) Fly                           (d) Water




Ans. (d)


As, Bird flies in the sky. Similarly, duck swims in the water.

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