3rd Class Mental Ability Shapes and Patterns Patterns


Category : 3rd Class

Type I:

How to find the missing term or next term in (number or letter or figure) series to continue the given series?

  • Identify the (descending or ascending) order of series. Observe the pattern using operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, skip counting and reverse counting.
  • Identify the order of alphabetical series either from A to Z or Z to A.
  • Numbering of alphabets either starts from A or starts from Z.
  • Skipping letters.                                                      


Type II:

How to find the missing term in the pattern?

  • To find the missing term in the pattern, identify the rule followed in rest of the given terms in pattern using mathematical operations (+, -, x), skip counting and reverse counting.                                 


Type III:

How to find the missing part in the figure pattern?       

  • Complete the figure pattern by drawing its incomplete part in the pattern.





1.          Find the missing number in the given number pattern below.

(a) 2                             (b) 3                             (c) 4                             (d) 5


Explanation (b):    

First we carefully study the two given complete patterns.

In the first pattern, the middle term is the sum of difference between the top and bottom number & left and right number.


Similarly, in second pattern \[(8-4)+7-6)=4+1=5\]

Hence, in third pattern the missing number is \[(9-7)+(9-8)=2+1=3\].



2.           Find the missing number in the series below:

3, 6, 11, 18, 27____?____, 51,_____?____

(a) 30, 55                     (b) 34, 60                     (c) 38, 66                     (d) 42, 71


Explanation (c):          

Rule followed in the series is:

Difference between consecutive terms are consecutive odd numbers.



3.           Which of the following options will complete the figure (X)?

(a)                 (b)                  (c)                  (d)


Explanation (b):    

Complete the pattern given in the question by drawing its incomplete part.




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