3rd Class Science Our Environment Notes - A Good House and Surrounding

Notes - A Good House and Surrounding

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A Good House and Surroundings




  1. A good house should be clean and airy with windows and ventilators. Sunlight and fresh air keep the rooms dry and free from germs. A good house should have separate place for eating, sleeping, studying, cooking, washing and storage.


  1. A good house should have an open space for sitting out and for the children to play. It should have bolts on the doors and windows and locks on the cupboards.


  1. A good house should have proper drains to take away dirty water from the kitchen and bathrooms. It should have proper chimneys to let the smoke out.


  1. To keep our houses clean, we should keep our surroundings also clean. If our surroundings have garbage, they attract flies and germs which cause diseases.


  1. We should not throw our garbage around and make the surroundings dirty. The household garbage should be kept in closed dustbins. These dustbins should be taken to municipal bins or garbage dumps. Municipal trucks will carry this garbage away from the city.


  1. We should not let waste water to flow into open space and stagnate it near the houses. Mosquitoes breed in stagnated water and cause malaria. We should dispose waste water through drains. We should spray kerosene on stagnated water to kill mosquitoes.

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Notes - A Good House and Surrounding

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