3rd Class Science Safety First Notes - Safety and First Aid

Notes - Safety and First Aid

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Safety and First Aid




  1. To prevent accidents and injuries, we should follow certain rules. These are called safety rules.


  1. Safety rules at home :

We should use sharp-edged things like blades, scissors and knives very carefully. We should not leave bags and shoes on the floor. We should not play with fire and electrical appliances.


  1. We should not touch electric wires. We should not take medicines without consulting elders and doctors. We should fly kites in the parks or open grounds but not on the terrace.


  1. Safety rules in the classroom :

We should not jump on the desks or benches and should not throw chalk pieces or dusters.

We should use pencil sharpeners and not blades. We should not play in the classroom.


  1. Safety rules on the playground :

We should learn and follow the rules of game. We should not hit others with bat or quarrel with playmates. We should not play near thorny hedges or barbed wires. We should share toys or sports material with others.


  1. Safety rules on the road

We should not rush down the stairs. In the school, we should go up and down the stairs in a line. We should not pull or push other children.


  1. Since accidents do take place, we should give help to the injured person in the time a doctor or an elder comes. This is called first aird.


  1. When an accident occurs we should not get frightened or panic and we should not crowd around the person who is hurt. If a person falls down, run and help him. If he is hurf, we bandage around the wound and call the elders or doctors

Notes - Safety and First Aid

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