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Our Safety and First Aid

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                                                                Our Safety and First Aid


Our Safety and First Rid

Our body is like a machine performing different functions like walking, running and eating, etc. We should take care of ourselves by keeping safe from illness and injury.

We should follow safety rules at home, school, on the road and in the playground.


Some Safety Rules to be followed at Home

  • Do not leave your toys, bags and books lying on the floor. You might trip over them and injure yourself.
  • Be careful while walking on wet bathroom floors. You might slip on the floor and get hurt.
  • Don’t use water near electrical appliances. Don't touch them with wet hands. You might get an electric shock.
  • Don't jump on the stairs. You might fall down.
  • Don't play with knives and scissors.


Safety Rules at School

  • Do not board or get down from a moving bus. Stand in a queue and wa.t for your turn.
  • Do not run around the benches in the classroom.
  • Do not push your friends while playing.


Safety on the Road

  • While crossing the road, first look towards your right, then left and then right again. Then cross the road.
  • Do not lean your face or any body part out of the vehicle.
  • Never play on the road.
  • Use zebra crossing to cross the road.
  • Whenever possible, use subways to cross busy roads.


First Aid

The immediate help given to an injured person is called first aid. If you get hurt, call for an adult immediately. If you see an injured person, do not crowd around him or her. Call a doctor or an adult to give first aid. In case of small cuts and wounds, wash the area with water and wipe it with an antiseptic lotion. Then put a bandage or tie a clean handkerchief and wait for the doctor to arrive. We should have a first-aid box in our house and in school. A first-aid box should contain an antiseptic lotion like Dettol, scissors, Band-Aid, gauze, crepe bandage, antiseptic cream, a bottle of methylated spirit, a tape, etc. If you see an accident, you must try to stay calm. It will help you to remember what you need to do at that time.


If a person has fainted, make him/her lie down for a while. Keep his/her head low to allow extra blood to reach the brain.


Insect Bite

Insect bites or stings are painful. To give relief apply a paste of baking soda and cold cream on the affected part. A soft pad soaked in ammonia water also gives relief. Apply calamine lotion if itching is there.


Bleeding Wounds

Do not panic or crowd around the injured person. Examine the cut carefully. If the person is badly hurt, take him or her to a nearby clinic. If the person is not badly hurt, make him lie down and call a doctor. In the meantime, try to control the bleeding.

  • Wash your hands before touching the wound of the patient.
  • Clean the cut with cotton and clean water. Then apply antiseptic cream over it to kill the germs that may infect the wound. Do not touch the cut with your fingers.
  • Put a clean cloth or pad over the cut and apply pressure. Then tie a bandage over it.
  • Put an ice-pack over the wound to stop the bleeding. Wrap ice cubes in a towel to make an ice-pack.
  • Keep the bleeding part higher than the rest of the body.
  • When bleeding stops, clean the wound with an antiseptic. Keep cotton on it and tie a tight bandage. Leaving a wound open can cause infection.



  • Wash the burnt area with running water.
  • Dip the burnt area in cold water or put an ice-pack on it.
  • Put an antiseptic cream like Burnol on the affected area.

Notes - Our Safety and First Aid

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