4th Class English Analogy Product and Raw Material

Product and Raw Material

Category : 4th Class

*       Product and Raw Material


In this type of question, words are related to each other as an object and the product made from that particular object. For example:

1. Butter: Milk                                     9.   Rubber: Latex

2. Jaggery : Sugarcane                10. Prism : Glass

3. Omelette : Egg                             11. Fabric : yarn

4. Wine : Grapes                               12. Cloth : Fibre

5. Furniture: Wood                          13 Road : Asphalt

6. Shoes : Leather                            14. Book : Paper

7. Pullover: Wool                              15. Sack : Jute

8. Metal: Ore                                       16. Wall : Brick  


*     Analysis

  •   Paper: Pulp; Paper is made of pulp.
  •   Oil : Seed; Oil is made of seed.
  •   Linen :Fibre; Linen is made of Fibre.
  •   Jewellery : Gold; Jewellery is made of Gold.      






(A) Ghee                                                            

(B) Bread

(C) Gold                                                              

(D) Milk

(E) Flax  


Answer: (D)

Explanation: Curd is made from milk.  




(A) Ghee                                                            

(B) wheat

(C) Gold                                                              

(D) Milk

(E) Flax  


Answer: (b)

Explanation: Bread is made of wheat.  

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