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*     Profession


In this type of questions, two words are given. These words are related to each other in profession. Below given are the examples of analogy based on' profession'.

1. Farmer: Field                                 12. Teacher: School

2. Warrior: Battlefield                     13. Doctor: Hospital

3.  Engineer: Site                              14. Clerk : Office

4. Sailor: Ship                                      15. Servant: House

5.  Pilot: Cockpit                                16. Driver: Cabin

6. Beautician : Parlour                    17. Grocer: Shop

7. Artist: Theatre                              18. Painter: Gallery

8. Actor: Stage                                   19. Waiter: Restaurant

9. Medicine : Garage                      20. Worker: Factory

10. Lawyer: Court                             21. Umpire : Pitch

11. Scientist: Laboratory                22. Gambler: Casino  



*     Analysis


  •  Chef: Kitchen; Chef works in a kitchen.
  •  Farmer: Field; Farmer works infield.
  •  Warrior: Battlefield; Warrior fights in battlefield.
  •  Engineer: Ship; Engineer works on the ship.  





  Doctor is related to Patient in the same way Lawyer is related to?

(A) Customer                                   

(B) Accused

(C) Magistrate                                                  

(D) Client

(E) Doctor  


Answer: (d)


Lawyer is related to Client.  



  Chef is related to Restaurant in the same way Druggist is related to _______?

(A) Medicine                                    

(B) Pharmacy

(C) Store                                                             

(D) Chemist

(E) Restaurant  


Answer: (a)

Explanation: Druggist is related to Medicine.  

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