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What is conjunction?

A conjunction is a word used to connect.

words, phrases or clauses within sentences

one sentence to another sentences v It also known as a connector. v It is a part of speech.




This lesson will help you to:

understand conjunctions.

learn to use conjunctions.  



You must have heard the poem Jack and Jill. Let us recall it once more: "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after". You can observe that there is a word which joins the words Jack-Jill. It also connects two actions or ideas-> Jack fell down and broke his crown. This is the work of a conjunction. A conjunction is a word that is used to combine or join sentences .words or group of words.  

For example: Meeta has a red, green, blue and purple skirt. Here, the conjunction and joins all related words. And, but, or and so are the most common conjunctions.

Let us see some more examples:

The teacher might select Aman or Mohit for the play. Here, the conjunction or suggests a choice.

My mother loves dogs but she dislikes cats. Here, the conjunction but joins two different ideas.

Conjunctions like so, unless and because indicate cause and effect. There are some conjunctions that always come in pairs to join sentences. Either... or -> when we need to make a choice between two things. Neither.... nor -> when need we to make a choice between two things and it meant none of the two. Both?.and -> it is used to join same word- forms.

When two sentences have the same subject, you can combine the predicates with the word and. The bird flew over my head. The bird landed on the roof. This can be written as: The bird flew over my head. landed on the roof. Remember to always put a comma before the conjunction whenever you join two sentences.

Example:  He visited not only Agra, but also belhi. Here's a fun way to remember conjunctions:


1. She came to my house and baked a cake with me.

2. My cat is hungry because I forgot to feed her.

3. I told her to rewrite her work but she refused.

4. Mother asked me to clean the room or she will punish me.    


Point to Remember

Use a plural verb if two singular nouns are joined by 'and'.

Coordinating conjunctions are conjunctions that join sentence elements that are the same. They can join words, phrases, and clauses. Example: Cookies and milk into the house and out the door He came and she left. List of coordinating conjunctions- For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So



Subordinating conjunctions are conjunctions that join dependent clauses to independent clauses.

Example: I will eat broccoli after I eat this cookie. There are many subordinating conjunctions, so keep in mind that this list does not include all of them!


List of subordinating conjunctions:

Because, Unless, When, Where, Why, Wherever, Who, That, How, Since, Whether, Unless, Until, As, If, As if, While, Before, After, Although, Provided that. As long as. As though. In order that. So that. Than, Though, Whenever

Now let me see how much you have understood about conjunctions:

Why do we need conjunctions?

What do conjunctions join?

Which are the most common conjunctions?

Which conjunctions always work in pairs?

Which conjunctions are used to state a reason?

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