4th Class English Conjunctions Forms of Conjunction

Forms of Conjunction

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*     Forms of Conjunction


Conjunctions have three basic forms.

(i) Single Word

For example: and, but, because, although

(ii) Compound (often ending with 'as' or 'that}

For example: provided that, as long as, in order that, etc.

(iii) Correlative (surrounding an adverb or adjective)

For example: so...that  


*      Below given is a list of some commonly used conjunctions

And                        But                        Since                     When                    Either - or

Although             Because               Till                         While                    Neither - nor

As well as            If                             Until                      Unless                   Therefore

As                           Or                           Stilt                        Yet                          Befored  


*     See the following examples where sentences are joined with the help of conjunction:

1. You, he and I are friends.

2. Marry was reading and Sita was Playing.

3. Tom and Jerry are brothers.

4. Richards is sleeping but Serena is awakening.

5. He worked hard but failed.

6.  Run fast or you will lose the race.

7. Is Mr. Mohan rich or poor?

8. Work hard because you have to pass.

9. He as well as I is honest.

10. Either he or I am mistaken.

11. Wait for me till 1 come back.

12. I believe him because he is honest.

13. I met my friend while 1 was in Mumbai.

14. Though he is rich, he is not happy.

15. Unless you take a taxi, you cannot catch the morning train.

16. He was ill therefore he could not appear at the examination.

17. Aditi and Rupa study in the same class.

18. Neither this bus nor that one will take you to the school.

19. The boys started playing because the teacher was not present.

20. When the cat is away, the mice play.  

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