4th Class English Noun Introduction


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*     Introduction


The names of person, places, animals, things or abstract ideas are called Nouns. A noun can tell you 'who' or 'what'.  




  •  Rozy is talking to Mr. Linkon.
  •  The lion is a wild animal.
  •  Boys are playing in the field.
  •  The watch is very costly.  


*      Analysis

In the above given sentences Rozy and Mr. Linkon are names of persons, Lion is the name of animal, field is name of a place and watch is the name of a thing, these words are Nouns.  


*     NOTE:

  •   All naming words are noun.        

For example: Names of birds, Insects, Flowers, Fruits, Materials, etc.

  •   Words denoting feeling of heart and quality or state of human beings are also noun.

For example: Childhood, Honesty, Poverty, Happiness, etc.  


*      Below given is a list of nouns


Person           Animal/Bird             Place                 Thing

Mother                Peacock               Field                      Book

Driver                    Dog                        Town                     Pen

Queen                  Tiger                      Village                   Butter

Writer                   Horse                    Roof                      Water

Servant                Cat                         Room                    Pin

John ion               New                      York                       Car

Friend                   Crow                     London                 Milk

Teacher                Snake                    Road                      Iron  

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