4th Class English Prepositions Introduction


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*    Introduction


A preposition is a word which comes before a noun or a pronoun and shows its relation to other words in the sentence.  




  •   The distance between Delhi and Patna is 1000 kilometers.
  •   The coaches are always with their team.
  •   He is living at a place which is unknown to others.
  •   The national anthem of India has been composed by a famous author.
  •   They are looking for a job which could satisfy their needs and expectations.  


*     Analysis

In the above given sentences the words between, with, at, by and for, have been placed before a noun or a pronoun and are showing their relation to other words (nouns) in the sentences. These words are prepositions.  


*      NOTE:

Prepositions never change their form, irrespective of the case, gender etc. of the word they are referring to most often they come before a noun.  


*      Below given is a list of some commonly used prepositions

About                                   Until

Across                                   Up

Around                                 Upon

Above                                   From

After                                     In

Against                                 Into

Along                                    Near

Among                                 of

At                                           Towards

Away                                     On

Before                                  Out

Beside                                  over

Between                             Since

By                                           To

Down                                    under

For                                         With

Without                               Through  

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