4th Class English Types of Sentence Command or Imperative Sentences

Command or Imperative Sentences

Category : 4th Class

*     Command or Imperative Sentences


A sentence that expresses a command, request or advice is called an imperative sentence.  





  •  Return village before sunset.
  •  Please make tea for me.
  •  Take morning walk every day.
  •  Don't drink pond water.  


*     Analysis

All the sentences given above are expressing some command. Sentence (i) is an order, (ii) a request, (iii) an advice and (iv) a prohibition. Therefore, they are all imperative sentences.  


*     Note:

  •  A command has a hidden subject which remain in second person.
  •  The subject 'you' is generally hidden here.
  •  'Come soon' means 'You' come soon.    

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