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Bar Graph

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*    Bar Graph


When the data is represented on the graph using bars the graph is known as Bar graph. In the following table, number of employee in different companies has been shown.


Company Number of employee
Company A 300
Company B 700
Company C 500
Company D 400
Company E 500
Company F 800
Company G 400


Let us make a bar graph using above information:

Step 1:   Draw a horizontal and a vertical line.

Step 2:   Choose a convenient scale and mark the numbers on the vertical line at equal interval (if you want to draw horizontal graphs mark the numbers on the horizontal line).  

Step 3:   Now make bars, keeping width of the bars and distance between the bars equal. Length (height) of the bars represents respective observations.




Read the given bar graph and answer the following question:

(a) How many students are there in class iv?

(b) Find the difference in the number of students of class v and class iv

(c) In which class is there least number of students  



(a) The bar of class iv represents 125 students 25 There for number of student is class iv = 125

(b) Number of students in class v = 150 Number of students in class iv =125 Difference = 150 - 125 = 25 

(c) Bar of the class iii has greatest length. Therefore, class iii has maximum number of students.  



  • The information which is collected in the form of numerals called data.
  • The initial data that the observer collects himself is called raw data.
  • When the data is arranged in ascending or descending order, the data is called groped data.
  • In the pictograph,  the data is represented with the help of pictures.
  • In the bargraph, the data is represented with the help of bars.




  • Pictograph is the oldest method to represent numbers.
  • Many ancient civilizations like Chinese, Sumerian, and Egyptian civilizations used pictographs.      





  With the help of given information. Marry wants to make a Pictograph. She choose the scale.  


Days Temperature


How many should he placed for the Saturday in the pictograph?

(a) 2                                                      

(b) 3

(c) 4                                                      

(d) 5

(e) None of these


Answers (a)


onerepresentstemperature. Therefore, 4should be placed for the Saturday in the pictograph.  



Read the given information and answer what does symbol of bat stand for?

Player Score
Sachin 100
Ponting 125
Gibbs 150
Herris 75




(a) stands for 20 runs   

(b) stands for 25 runs

(c)stands for 30 runs   

(d)stands for 35 runs

(e) None of these


Answer (b)    



In the following figure, a pictograph has been shown. In which number of students present in the class in different days of a week has been shown. Find the total number of students present in the class on Monday and Thursday together.  




(One represents 20 students)

(a) 120                                                 

(b) 240

(c) 160                                                  

(d) 260

(e) None of these


Answer (d)    


If we make a bar graph using the information given in the question 2 by selecting the scale 1 cm = 25 runs, what will be the length of the graph which represents run scored by Sachin?

(a) 4cm                                                

(b) 5cm

(c) 6cm                                                

(d) 7cm

(e) None of these           


Answer (a)

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