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·      Students will learn to develop and extend patterns

·      Students will learn to discover how patterns arise in a variety of mathematical and everyday contexts, and to establish the rules which govern them.




Patterns are

·      repeated designs or recurring sequences.

·      an ordered set of letters, words, numbers, shapes or other mathematical objects, arranged according to a particular rule.



Type I:  To find the missing term or next term (number or letter)

·      To find the missing term in the given pattern, identify the rule followed in rest of the given terms in pattern using mathematical operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, skip counting and reverse counting.

·      Identify the order of alphabetical series either from A to Z or Z to A.

·      Skipping letters.



Type II: To find the missing part in the figure pattern.

·      Complete the figure pattern by drawing its incomplete part in the pattern.



Examples - 1

In the number pattern below, what are the values of A and B respectively?







(a) 9, 49                        (b) 49, 9        

(c) 9, 64                        (d) 81, 49


            Ans.     (a)


Explanation: Pattern followed in above series is

\[2\times 2=4,,4\times 4=16,\text{ }5\times 5=25,\]

\[6\times 6=36,\,\,\]



Examples - 2

Which is the missing square?

(a)                  (b)

(c)                    (d)


            Ans.     (b)

Explanation: Sum of circles in each row or column is 10.



Examples - 3

How many circles will be in pattern 7?

(a) 11                            (b) 13

(c) 14                            (d) 19


            Ans.     (b)

Pattern followed is

So, there will be 13 circles in Pattern 7.



Examples - 4

Find the next letter m the pattern.

(a) K                             (b) J     

(c) H                             (d) F


            Ans.     (a)

Explanation: The pattern is as follows.



Examples - 5

Look at the pattern.

Which set of letters best represents the pattern/

(a) ABC                         (b) ABCC      

(c) ABBC                       (d) ABCD


            Ans.     (d)


The pattern is as follows:



Examples - 6

Which one of the following figures will continue the pattern?

(a)                           (b)

(c)                           (d)


            Ans.     (c)

Explanation: Figure is increased by one

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