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A Scene in an Examination Hall


Examination is a terror and a curse. It is a very dreadful experience one goes through. Great scholars have said: "We have been examiners as well as examinees. We can well understand how terrible an examination is/ Even Jesus Christ said, "Let no one be put to test.


The fear of examination mars the charms of students life. Life in itself is a huge test and we are always put to trial in one form or the other. No one is spared and I was no exception.


I was in the examination hall and English paper was before me. The very first and second questions made me nervous. I raised my head and saw all were tensed. There was pin-drop silence in the hall. Then all of us started attempting the paper somehow. Those who had been working hard were doing the paper well and calmly. Those who had been cramming were heaving deep sighs. The clever among them were looking for an opportunity to cheat and copy.


I have heard the teachers are supposed to be impartial and honest but I found that those who had been posted to prevent the candidates from using unfair means, were themselves becoming a part of it. Such things will make coming generations educated illiterates and I doubt how our coming generations, can progress when both the teachers and the taught were taking to unfair means.


Soon the time of examination was over. The bell rang and the teachers started collecting the answer sheets. One could see joy on the faces of those who had attempted the paper brilliantly but sorrow on the faces of those who had not studied and failed to attempt the paper properly.


The Children's Day


Our first Prime Minister Shri Jawaharlal Nehru or Chacha Nehru was very fond of children. His birthday falls on 14th November. So in his memory his birthday is celebrated as Children's Day. On this day, the schools and colleges remain closed, so that the children can enjoy this day to the fullest.


Chacha Nehru adored children, he himself used to become a child while playing with them. Pandit Nehru used to set free white pigeons on his birthday: The number of pigeon depended on the age of Pandit Nehru. He used to set them free in the football stadium where the school children used to organize songs and dances in his honour.


Now-a-days this day is mostly celebrated in schools too. On this day usually the principal of the school distributes sweets to the children. The cultural activities are also organized in schools on this day the significance of this day is also explained to the children. The films on the life of Pandit Nehru are shown to the children.


At India Gate an exhibition is held to encourage young talents. Art competitions, culture programs are also organised on this day the children of all ages and from different schools participate in these programmes. So this is a day for the children which they enjoy the most.


An Indian Farmer


The life of an Indian farmer is very hard. He works from morning till evening to make both ends meet. He works in his fields in severe cold as well as in the heat of summer, He earns his bread with the sweat of his brow.


A farmer gets up early in the morning before dawn. He goes to his fields with his bullocks and plough the field. Before the sun rises, he completes much of his work. Probably he believes in the policy of well begun is half done. He goes on works without caring for the weather. He enjoys the coarse meal. In fact, one can enjoy his meals only when lie has worked very hard. His days are busy. He is the food provider of our nation.


Harvesting time is the celebrating time for the Indian farmers. These are the days when lie reaps the fruit of his labour. He dances, enjoys himself by doing performing folk dances. In the evening he comes home and enjoys with his family.


Health is Wealth


There is a famous adage 'Health is wealth'. If a person is not healthy then he or she cannot enjoy the wealth. A healthy mind and body is required to enjoy all the good and prosperous things of life. So a person has to look after his health to remain active and energetic.


If a person is not healthy then he cannot achieve success in any field of life as he will not be able to put in his best efforts. To achieve something in life a person has to work hard. A weak and ailing person cannot devote time and energy to work. A weak body is not able to build resistance against diseases and so easily catches harmful infections. On the other side, a healthy person is able to bear hard work and is ready to face the difficult tasks of life. A healthy person by working hard is able to earn wealth and fame. His labor is fruitfully rewarded.


A person can remain healthy by having good eating habits and regular exercise. A healthy/ diet is very essential for healthy mind and body A person should take lots of green vegetables and right mix of nutrients to make himself strong and active. The healthy I consumption of food also requires good digestion which conies through good exercise. Good exercise keeps our mind and body tit. An exercise may be in the form of morning walks, jogging, swimming, cycling or any oilier form. But regular exercise is a must or the well-being of an individual. In India people are not interested it exercise especially the morning walk which can benefit them. The morning- walk gives our body fresh air to keep us fit.


It is our duty to take care of our health so that we can work hard, move towards prosperity of ourselves, our family and our nation.


Air Pollution


The problem of pollution is engaging the attention of the sensible people in the developed as well as the developing countries. What do we mean by pollution? It means contaminating the elements of air, water and earth. We are polluting the air that we breathe. The agents of air pollution are the chimney smokes and the fumes from cars and trucks. In winter there is thick smog all over the city. As a result the people don't get enough oxygen. They develop bronchial problems or breathing trouble. Delhi alone has millions of vehicles which burn petrol or diesel. Then there are thermal power plants and factories which use coal. There is hardly any green cover left on the ridge. Trees have been cut and the public parks have turned into slums. If we don't check air pollution, the day is not far when we shall have to carry oxygen cylinders to keep us alive.


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