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Types of Crops

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*     Types of Crops


Crops are plants that are grown to satisfy the various needs of people and animals like food, shelter, clothing etc.


*         Food Crops

These crops are cultivated for the purpose of food. i.e. to produce carbohydrates that give energy to the body. These can also be called as energy giving crops. Crops food are the main sources of proteins and vitamins. These are rice, maize, wheat, oat, barley, vegetables, fruits etc.

Rice crops are grown in areas with high rainfall and in clayey soil.

Maize crops are grown in warm places and sandy soil etc.

Wheat is grown in sandy irrigated soil of Haryana and Punjab,


              Wheat                                   Maize                                            Rice  


*         Oil Producing Crops

Crops, which is cultivated to produce oil e.g. sunflower, groundnut, mustard, peanut etc. These crops also give energy to the body. Coconut is grown in sandy soil .I.e. area near beaches where there is sufficient sunlight and proper rainfall.



*           Fibre Producing Crops

These crops are cultivated to produce fibre which is used in the manufacturing of bag, rope, carpet, clothes, mats etc, for example cotton, jute. Cotton is best grown in the black soil- Madhya pradesh and Maharastra are the largest producer of cotton.

Coffee plant and tea plants are cultivated to take care of the need of drink of the people.

Tea plant in India is cultivated in the sloppy areas of Assam, West Bengal etc.

They need moist soil, extra water flows through the slopes.



*           Some Important Conditions for the Growth of the Plants

Good quality and healthy seeds give rise to healthy plants.

Properly manured and ploughed soil for proper aeration.

Protection of the crops from pest using pesticides and insecticides.

Crops should be protected from the various plants diseases. It should be protected from the animals also.

Properly harvested and dry seeds should be stored to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganism.

Crop rotation and mixed cropping should be encouraged to maintain the soil fertility..

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