7th Class English Adjective, Articles, Prepositions, Conjunctions Introduction


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*    Introduction


Definition: A conjunction is a word that is used to join words, groups of words or sentences.  




  •   Maria and John are friends.
  •   This pen and that pencil are same.
  •   The elephant is big but the mouse is small.
  •   Ruby cannot sit because the chair is dirty.  

In the first sentence, the word and is joining two words Maria and John. In the second sentence, the word and is joining two phrases this pen and that pencil.

In the third sentence, the word but is joining two sentences the elephant is big and the mouse is small.

In the fourth sentence, the word because is joining two sentences Ruby cannot sit and the chair is dirty.

In this way the word and, but and because are joining two words or two sentences. These words are called Conjunctions.  


*    Look at the following sentences joined by conjunctions:

1.       Sachin is a good player. Harbhajan is a good player.

Sachin and Harbhajan are good players.

2.       Is sheeducated? Isshe uneducated?

Is she educated or uneducated ?

3.       She is wise girl. She is a beautiful girl.

She is wise as well as a beautiful girl.

4.       Wait here. I come back.

Wait here till I come back.

5.       He won the match . He received the prize.

He received the prize as he won the match.  


*       List of some commonly used Conjunctions

And                        But                         Since                     When                    Either-or

Although               Because                Till                        While                     Neither-nor

As well as             If                             Until                      Unless                  Therefore

As                           Or                           Still                        Yet                        Before

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