9th Class Computers Microsoft Office Printing Document

Printing Document

Category : 9th Class

*     Printing Document


To print the document you need to perform the following steps:

  • Click File menu and select print option to open print dialog box, as shown in the following  figure: (See Figure. 9.5.6) OR
  • Click Printer icon on the Standard toolbar. v  In the Copies option, type the number of copies that is to be printed.
  • Click OK.  



Note: Ctrl + P can be used to print the entire file.  



* Words Counting

MS Word allows you to count number of pages, words, character (no space), character (space), paragraph, and lines in a document. To apply word count: (See Figure. 9.5.7) Select Tools ->  Word Count to display the Word Count Dialog box. The Word Count Dialog box display all information including number of page, words, character (no space), character (space), paragraph and lines in a document.  




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