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Let us consider three homogeneous linear equations




and  \[{{a}_{3}}x+{{b}_{3}}y+{{c}_{3}}z=0\]


Eliminated \[x,\,\,y,\,\,z\] from above three equations we obtain


\[{{a}_{1}}({{b}_{2}}{{c}_{3}}-{{b}_{3}}{{c}_{2}})-{{b}_{1}}({{a}_{2}}{{c}_{3}}-{{a}_{3}}{{c}_{2}})+{{c}_{1}}({{a}_{2}}{{b}_{3}}-{{a}_{3}}{{b}_{2}})=0\]   …..(i)


The L.H.S. of (i) is represented by  \[\left| \,\begin{matrix}{{a}_{1}} & {{b}_{1}} & {{c}_{1}}  \\{{a}_{2}} & {{b}_{2}} & {{c}_{2}}  \\{{a}_{3}} & {{b}_{3}} & {{c}_{3}}  \\\end{matrix}\, \right|={{a}_{1}}\,\left| \,\begin{matrix}{{b}_{2}} & {{c}_{2}}  \\{{b}_{3}} & {{c}_{3}}  \\\end{matrix}\, \right|-{{b}_{1}}\,\left| \,\begin{matrix}{{a}_{2}} & {{c}_{2}}  \\{{a}_{3}} & {{c}_{3}}  \\\end{matrix}\, \right|+{{c}_{1}}\,\left| \,\begin{matrix}{{a}_{2}} & {{b}_{2}}  \\{{a}_{3}} & {{b}_{3}}  \\\end{matrix}\, \right|\]


Its contains three rows and three columns, it is called a determinant of third order.


The number of elements in a second order is \[{{2}^{2}}=4\] and the number of elements in a third order determinant is \[{{3}^{2}}=9\].


Rows and columns of a determinant : In a determinant horizontal lines counting from top \[{{1}^{st}},\text{ }{{2}^{nd}},\text{ }{{3}^{rd}},\ldots ..\] respectively known as rows and denoted by \[{{R}_{1}},\,\,{{R}_{2}},\,\,{{R}_{3}},\,\,......\] and vertical lines counting left to right, \[{{1}^{st}},\text{ }{{2}^{nd}},\text{ }{{3}^{rd}},\ldots ..\] respectively known as columns and denoted by \[{{C}_{1}},\,\,{{C}_{2}},\,\,{{C}_{3}},.....\]

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