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Mahajanpad Period 1 Muslim Invasion in India 1 European Companies arrive in India 1 British Conquest of India and Spread of British power 1 The Pacific Structure and Policies of British India 2 Economic and Land Revenue Policies of British in India 1 Impact of British rule on Indian economy 1 Development of education and press in India 1 Rise of Nationalism 1 Political institutions in India and the Indian National Congress 1 Gandhi era 1 Khilafat Movement and Non-Cooperation Movement 1 Freedom struggle 2 Independence and Division 1 Sources and Historical construction 3 The Stone Age 3 The Harappan Civilization 4 The vedic period - Early vedic period, Later vedic period and sangam period 10 Religious Movement - Jainism, Bhudhism, Bhagavatism and Brahmanism 6 Early empire (6 BCE to 1 CE) 8 The Mourya Empire 5 The Gupta Empire 6 Vardhan Empire (ERA OF HARSHWARDHAN) 1 Kingdom In The Deccan And South India 1 Sources Of Medieval Period 1 North India from 700 CE to 1200 CE 4 Eighteenth Century Political Formations 1 South India from 700 CE to 1200 CE 4 Delhi Sultnat (Gulam, Khilji, Tughlak, Sayyed, Lodhi) 11 Bhakti, Sufi Tradition 3 Vijaynagar and Bahmani Empire 4 The Mughal Empire 18 The Rise of Maratha 2 The decline of the Mughal empire and Rise of Autonomous states 2 Expansion Company and Bengal Nawabs 6 Uprising against British Rule 1857 Revolt 8 Indian National Movement 11 India after Freedom 3 World History 3 Arts and Cultural Movements 12 Pre-Historic Period 1 Early Medieval India 1

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