UPSC History South India from 700 CE to 1200 CE Short Notes - Southern India

Short Notes - Southern India

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  • Capital of Chalukyas [AD 543-753)-Badami (Bagalkot district of North Karnataka)
  • Pulakeshin I is generally attributed to be the first Chalukyan king.
  • Pulakeshin H was the most prominent ruler of the dynasty who ruled from 608 A.D. and was a contemporary of Harshavardhan. He stopped
  • Harshavardhan to march into the Deccan.
  • The Pallavas initially conquered the region of Thondaimandalam.
  • Narasimhavarman completed the beautiful temples of Mahablipuram.


Rashtrakutas (AD 753-973)


  • Founded by Dantidurg; Krishna I built Kailasha temple at Ellora. Amoghavarsha, who is compared to Vikramaditya, wrote the first Kannada poetry Kaviraj Marg. Rashtrakutas credited for building cave shrine Elephanta dedicated to Shiva.



Ruled Orissa; Narsimhadeva constructed Sun Temple at Konark; Anantvarman built the Jagannath Temple at Puri; and Kesaris who used to rule before Gangas built the Lingaraja Temple at Bhubaneshwar.


Pallavas (AD 600-757)


Founder-Simhavishnu; capital-Kanchi; greatest king Narsimhavarman who founded the town of Mamallapuram [Mahabalipuram] and built rock-cut raths or even pagodas.


  • Palas dynasty was founded by Gopala 1, who was elected as king of people.
  • Palas with capital at Monghyr is known for Dharmapala, their second king, who founded Vikramashila University and revived Nalanda University.
  • The greatest ruler of Pratiharas was Bhoja [also known as Mihir, Adivraha).
  • Khajuraho temples were built during the reign of Chandellas of Bundelkhand.
  • Rajputs divided into four clans:- Pratiharas (S Rajasthan), Chauhans [E Rajasthan], Chalukyas/Solankis (Kathiawar), Parmaras [Malwa].


The Cholas (AD 985-1279)


  • Founder Vijayalaya, Capital Tanjore.
  • Aditya I Chola wiped out Pallavas and weakened Pandayas.
  • Purantaka I captured 'Madurai, but defeated by Rashtrakuta ruler Krishna III at the Battle of Takkolam.
  • Rajaraja I [AD 985-1014) led a naval expedition against Shailendra empire (Malaya Peninsula) and conquered Northern Sri Lanka; constructed
  • Rajarajeshwari [or Brihadeshvara) Shiva temple at Tanjore.
  • Rajendra I [AD 1014-10441 annexed whole Sri Lanka; took ths title of Gangaikonda and founded Gangaikonda Cholapuram.
  • Dancing Figure of Shiva (Nataraja) belong to Chola period. Local self-government existed.

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