Study Packages for 9th Class Mathematics


9th Mathematics Study Packages

9th Mathematics Study Packages

  • Actual Price : 5130 +
  • Offer Price: 999

remove_red_eyeNumber of Packages : 179+ updateSubscription Validity : 1 Year(s)

Note: Discount is available till 08 July 2020 only! Course amount Non-Refundable!

  • The number of package may vary time to time.
  • Study packages are available in soft (PDF format) copy only. After buying you will be able to read over any android device (Mobile, tab etc.)

Recent Study Packages

Maths Olympiad Model Test Paper-3


Maths Olympiad Model Test Paper-2

Maths Olympiad Model Test Paper-1

Notes - Probability

Question - Probability

Notes - Statistics

Question - Statistics

Notes - Surface Areas and Volumes

Question - Surface Areas and Volumes


Notes - Herons Formula

Question - Herons Formula

Notes - Circles

Question - Circles

Notes - Area of Parallelograms and Triangles

Question - Area of Parallelograms and Triangles

Notes - Quadrilaterals

Question - Quadrilaterals


Notes - Triangles

Question - Triangles

Notes - Lines and Angles

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