2nd Class English Noun Introduction


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*      Introduction


Noun is a naming word. It is a name of a person, place or a thing.     


Name                                   Place                                                  Thing




Thus all the person, place and things are noun.  


*      Fill in the blanks with a person/place/animal/thing.  


  Tom's father is an______________. He goes to court every day.

(A) Advocate

(B) Engineer

(C) Doctor 

(D) Teacher


Answer: (A)    



  ___________ is known as the king of jungle.

(A) Elephant                                     

(B) Rabbit

(C) Lion                                                                

(D) Bear


Solution: (C)  



  James opened his___________ to protect himself from rain.

(A) Notebook                                                  

(B) Umbrella

(C) Bag                                                                 

(D) Lunch-box


Answer: (B)  



  I use_________ for writing.

(A) Brush                                                            

(B) Wood

(C) Pencil                                                            

(D) lunch-box


Answer: (C)  



  He live in ___.

(A) Book                                                             

(B) Roof

(C) Bag                                                                 

(D) New York


Answer: (D)

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