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*      Rules


How to Change Singular to Plural:  


*      Rule - 1

Make plural by using "s"


Singular                               Plural

Book                                     Books

Pen                                       Pens

Table                                    Tables

Toy                                       Toys  





Singular                               Plural

Boat                                      Boats

Hat                                        Hats

House                                   Houses

River                                      Rivers  


*      Rule - 2

Make plural by using "es" (if S, O, X and SS come in the end of a word then use "es" to make plural)  


Singular                                                               Plural


     Gas                                                               Gases


    Watch                                                           Watches


      Box                                                                Boxes              


     Glass                                                                Glasses  





Singular                                Plural

Class                                     Classes

Echo                                      Echoes

Branch                                  Branches

Box                                        Boxes

Watch                                   Watches

Buffalo                                  Buffaloes

Hero                                      Heroes  


*      Rule - 3

Make plural by using "ves in the place of f or fe" (If f or fe comes in the end of a word then remove f or fe and use "ves" to make plural)  


     Singular                                                               Plural


      Knife                                                               Knives


      Leaf                                                                  Leaves  





Singular                                               Plural

Knife                                                     Knives

Calf                                                       Calves

Wife                                                      Wives

Wolf                                                      Wolves

Leaf                                                      Leaves

Shelf                                                     Shelves  


*      Rule - 4

Make plural by using "ies in the place of y" (If y comes in the end of a word then remove y and use "ies" to mate plural)


Singular                               Plural

City                                       Cities

Lady                                      Ladies

Baby                                     Babies  





Singular                               Plural

Baby                                     Babies

Army                                     Armies

Story                                     stories

City                                       cities

Lady                                      Ladies

Pony                                      ponies

There are some irregular formations for noun plurals. Some of the most common ones are listed below.  


Examples of irregular plurals:

Singular                               Plural

Woman                                Women

Man                                      Men     

Child                                    Children

Tooth                                   Teeth

Foot                                      Feet

Cactus                                  Cacti

Focus                                    Foci

Fungus                                 Fungi

Nucleus                                Nuclei

Syllabus                                Syllabi/Syllabuses

Analysis                                Analyses

Diagnosis                             Diagnoses

Oasis                                    Oases

This                                       These

crisis                                      Crises

Phenomenon                       Phenomena

Criterion                                Criteria

Datum                                   Data    

Some nouns have the same form in the singular and the plural.  





Singular                               Plural

Sheep                                   Sheep

Fish                                       Fish

Species                                Species

Aircraft                                 Aircraft  





Singular                               Plural

Swine                                    Swine

Deer                                      Deer  





In question 1 and 2 change the given word in plural.  



(A) Deers                                                            

(B) Deer

(C) Deeres                                                         

(D) None of these


Answer: (b)

Explanation :

Plural of deer is deer. Therefore, option (B) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.  




(A) Teeth                                                            

(B) Tooths

(C) Teeths                                                          

(D) None of these


Answer: (a)

Explanation :

Plural of tooth is teeth. Therefore, option (A) is correct and rest ofthe options is incorrect.

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