7th Class English Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives Kinds of Noun

Kinds of Noun

Category : 7th Class

*  Kinds of Noun


There are five kinds of noun. They are the following:

1. Proper Noun

2. Common Noun

3. Collective Noun

4. Material Noun

5. Abstract Noun



* Proper Noun

Proper noun is the specific name of a place, a person or a thing. The first letter of a proper noun is always written in capital letter.


* Proper Nouns in English

1. Name of the Month and Day                 March, April, May, etc.

2. Names of Companies                                Reliance, IBM, TATA, etc.

3. Names of People                                        Steve, Smith, Serena, etc.

4. Names of Places                                          Connaught Place, Delhi, India

5. Titles of People                                            Dr. Kenny White, President Jimmy Ayus, Ms. Mini Thomas, etc.

6. Names of Books, Newspapers              The Times of India, The Indian Express, etc.


NOTE: There are some nouns, such as sun, moon, earth, which seem to be the names of particular individual objects, but which are not called Proper Nouns.



* Common Noun Definition:

A common noun is a word that names people, places, things, or ideas. They are not the names of a single person, place or thing. A common noun begins with a lowercase letter unless it is at the beginning of a sentence.




People : man, girl, boy, mother, father, child, person, teacher, student, etc.

Animals : cat, dog, fish, ant, snake, etc.

Things : book, table, chair, phone, etc.

Places : school, city, building, shop, etc. Ideas : love, hate, idea, pride, etc.



* The following is the list of common nouns

able          babies      cabbage   dad         ear
attic         baby        cable      daughter     earth
account      back        cactus     day         Earthquake
achieve       badge       cake       death        edge
acoustics     bag         calculator debt         Education
act           bait         calendar   decision     Effect
action        balance     camera    deer         Egg
activity       ball         camp      degree       Eggnog
actor         balloon      can        design       Eggs
addition      banana     cannon    desire       Elbow
adjustment   band        canvas     desk         End
advertisement base        cap        destruction   Engine
aftermath     baseball     caption    detail        Error
aftermath     basin       car        development Event
afternoon basket card digestion Example
afterthought basketball care dime Exchange
agreement bat carpenter dinner Existence
air bath carriage dinosaurs Expansion
airplane battle cars direction Experience
airport bead cart dirt Expert
alarm beam cast discovery Eye
amount bean cat discussion Eyes
amusement bear cattle disease Jail
anger bears cause disgust Jam
Jam Beast Cave Distance Jar
Angle Bed Celery Distribution Jeans
Animal Bee Cellar Division Jelly
Ant Beetle Cent Dock Jellyfish
Apparatus Beggar Chain dog Join
apparel beginner chair Doll Joke
apple behavior chalk donkey Journey
appliance belief chance Door Judge
Approval Bell Change Downtown Juice
Arch Berry Channel Drain Jump
argument bike cheese Drawer  
Arithmetic Bird  cherries Dress  
Arm Birth Chess Drink  
Army Birthday Chicken Driving  
Art Bedroom Chickens Driving  
Attack Alley Children Drug  
Attempt Game Chin Drum  
Attraction Garden Hair Duck  
Authority Gate Haircut Ducks  
Face Geese Hall Ice  
Fact Ghost Hammer Icicle  
Fairies giants Hand Idea    
Fall giraffe harbor impulse  
Family Girl Harmony Income  
fan glass hat Increase  
Fang glove head Industry  
Farm Glue Health Ink  
farmer goat Hearing Insect  
father   heart Insect  
fear   heat Insurance  
feast   feet Interest  
feather     Iron  



*  Collective Noun Definition:

The name that refers to a group or collection regarded as a single unit is called a Collective Noun. A collective noun is the name of a collection of persons or things taken together and spoken of as one whole. Some common examples of collective noun: Class, bundle, bunch, herd, swarm, etc.


*  See the following list of collective nouns:

An Army of soldiers A gang of thieves
A bevy of beauties/girls A horde of savages
A band of musicians A host of Angels
A band of robbers A line of kings/rulers
A board of directors A mob of rioters
A body of men A group of dancers
A bunch of crooks A group of singers
A caravan of gypsies A pack of rascals
A choir of singers A pack of wolves
A class of pupils A party of friends
A class of students A patrol of policemen
A company of actors A posse of policemen
A company of soldiers A regiment of soldiers
A congregation of worshippers A staff of employees
A crew of sailors A staff of servants
A crowd of spectators A staff of teachers
A crowd of people A team of players
A dynasty of kings A tribe of natives
A galaxy of beautiful women A troop of scouts
A galaxy of film stars A troupe of artists
A gang of crooks A troupe of dancers
A gang of labourers A troupe of performers
A gang of prisoners A party of friends
A gang of robbers  
An Album of auto graphs A hall of bullets
An Album of photographs A hand of bananas
An Album of stamps A harvest of wheat/corn
An Anthology of poems A heap of rubbish
An Archipelago of islands A heap of ruins
A bale of cotton A hedge of bushes
A basket of fruits A heap of stones
A batch of breads A layer of soil/dirt
A battery of guns A library of books
A block of flats A line of cars
A book of exercises A list of names
A book of notes A mass of ruins/hair
A bouquet of flowers A necklace of pearls
A bowl of rice An outfit of clothes
A bunch of bananas An orchard of fruit trees
A bunch of flowers A pack of cards
A bunch of grapes A pack of lies
A bunch of keys A packet of cigarettes
A bundle of rags A packet of letters
A bundle of firewood A pair of shoes
A bundle of hay A pencil of rays
A catalogue of prices A quiver of arrows
A chain of mountains A range of hills
A chest of drawers A range of mountains
A cluster of coconuts A ream of paper
A cluster of grapes A reel of thread/film
A cloud of dust A roll of film/cloth
A clump of bushes A rope of pearls
A clump of trees A row of houses
A collection of coins A series of events
A collection of curiosities A set of china
A collection of pictures A set of clubs
A collection of relics A set of tools
A collection of stamps A sheaf of arrows
A column of smoke A sheaf of corn
A comb of bananas A sheaf of grain
A compendium of games A sheaf of papers
A constellation of stars A sheaf of wheat
A cluster of diamonds A shower of blows
A cluster of stars A shower of rain
A clutch of eggs A stack of Arms
A crate of fruit A stack of corn
A crop of Apples A stack of hay
A fall of rain A stack of timber
A fall of snow A stack of wood
A fleet of -taxies A stock of wood
A fleet of ships A string of beads
A flight of aeroplanes A string of pearls
A flight of steps A suit of clothes
A forest of trees A suite of furniture
A galaxy of stars A suite of rooms
A garland of flowers A tuft of grass
A glossary of difficult words A tuft of hair
A group of islands A wad of currency/notes
A grove of trees A wreath of flowers
An army of ants A litter of kittens
A bevy of quail A litter of puppies
A brood/flock of chickens A menagerie of wild animals
A catch of fish A muster of peacocks
A cloud of flies A nest of ants
A cloud of insects A nest of mice
A cloud of locusts A nest of rabbits
A colony of gulls A pack of hounds
A drove of cattle A pack of wolves
A drove of horses A plague of insects
A flight of birds A plague of locusts
A flight of doves A pride of lions
A flight of locusts A school of herrings
A flight of swallows A school of porpoises
A flock of birds A school of whales
A flock of geese A shoal of fish
A flock of sheep A skein of wild geese in flight
A gaggle of geese A string of horses
A haul of fish A stud of horses
A herd of buffaloes A swarm of Ants
A herd of cattle A swarm of bees
A herd of deer A swarm of insects
A herd of elephants A swarm of locusts
A herd of goats A team of horses
A herd of swine A team of oxen
A hive of bees A train of camels
A host of sparrows A tribe of goats
A kindle of kittens A troop of lions
A litter of cubs A troop of monkeys
A litter of piglets A zoo of wild animals



* Material Noun Definition:

The name of a thing that exists only in the form of a mass and cannot be counted is called a Material Noun. Or A material noun is the name of a substance which can be measured or weighed but cannot be counted. See the following material nouns: Glass, iron, clay, frost, rain, snow, wheat, wine, tea, sugar, etc.


*  They may be placed in groups as follows:

(1) The metals: iron, gold, platinum, etc.

(2) Products spoken of in bulk: tea, sugar, rice, wheat, etc.

(3) Geological bodies: mud, sand, granite, rock, stone, etc.

(4) Natural phenomena: rain, dew, cloud, frost, mist, etc.

(5) Various manufactures: cloth (and the different kinds of cloth), potash, soap, rubber, paint, celluloid, etc.



* Abstract Noun Definition:

The name given to a quality, state or action is called an Abstract Noun. A noun that is abstract is an aspect, concept, idea, experience, state of being, trait, quality, feeling, or other entity that cannot be experienced with the five senses.



* Common Abstract Nouns


Love                                                      Hate

Anger                                                   Peace

Pride                                                     Sympathy



Bravery                                              Loyalty

Honesty                                            Integrity

Compassion                                  Charity

Success                                              Courage

Deceit                                                 Skill

Beauty                                                Brilliance

Pain                                                       Misery




Beliefs                                                 Dreams

Justice                                                 Truth

Faith                                                      Liberty

Knowledge                                      Thought

Information                                    Culture

Trust                                                      Dedication




Progress                                              Education

Hospitality                                       Leisure

Trouble                                                Friendship


Abstract forms of nouns are very common and an important part of communication. In many cases these types of nouns are derived from an addition of a suffix or alteration in the root word. Child is a concrete noun, for example, but childhood is an intangible state, so it is abstract. Nouns with the following suffixes are often abstract:

-tion                                      -ism

-ity                                         -ment

-ness                                     -age

-ance/-ence                      -ship



Common nouns that can be changed into abstract nouns:

Common Nouns                               Abstract Nouns

Agent                                                   agency

Boy                                                        boyhood

Child                                                     childhood

Mother                                               motherhood

Friend                                                  friendship

Hero                                                     heroism

Brave                                                   bravery

Dark                                                     darkness

Deep                                                    depth

False                                                    falsehood

Great                                                   greatness

High                                                     height

Act                                                         action

Admit                                                  admission

Agree                                                   agreement

Behave                                               behaviour

Die                                                         death

Enter                                                    entrance

Priest                                                   priesthood

King                                                       kingship

Slave                                                     slavery

Robber                                               robbery

Fellow                                                 fellowship

Brother                                              brotherhood

Honest                                               honesty

Kind                                                      kindness

Long                                                      length

Short                                                    shortness

True                                                       truth

Wide                                                     wideness

Fly                                                           flight

Grow                                                     growth

Expect                                                  expectation

Starve                                                   starvation

Obey                                                       obedience

Think                                                      thought

Punish                                                   punishment



* See the following list of abstract nouns:

Inspiration                                         Depression

Love                                                         Hate

Courage                                                Curiosity

Excitement                                         Adventure

Amazement                                       Faith

Ego                                                             Failure

Awe                                                           Freedom

Evil                                                             Justice

Forgiveness                                        Loyalty

Romance                                               Infatuation

Elegance                                                Imagination

Honesty                                                 Determination

Humour                                                 Humility

Hope                                                        Despair

Honour                                                  Pride

Redemption                                      Hurt

Peace                                                       Trust

Patience                                                Pain

Helplessness                                    Pleasure

Perseverance                                   Graciousness

Gratefulness                                     Grace

Grief                                                         Maturity

Fascination                                        Friendship

Brutality                                               Self Control

Jealousy                                                Love

Confusion                                           Vulnerability

Ability                                                     Self Esteem

Mastery                                                 Perfection






Identify the kind of noun.



(A) Proper Noun                                             

(B) Common Noun

(C) Collective Noun                                        

(D) Material Noun

(E) Abstract Noun


Answer: (E)

Explanation: 'Agency' is an Abstract Noun.




(A) Proper Noun                                             

(B) Common Noun

(C) Collective Noun                                        

(D) Material Noun

(E) Abstract Noun


Answer: (B)


Camera is a Common Noun.




  • Noun is the name of a person, place, animal, bird or thing.
  • A Proper Noun is the name of a particular person, place, thing or animal.
  • A Common Noun is the name given to the class of person, place, animal or thing.
  • A Collective Noun is the name of a group or collection of person things or animals.
  • A Material Noun is the name of a substance which can be measured or weighed.
  • An Abstract Noun is the name of some state, quality, feeling or idea that we can only think of or feel but cannot touch or see.
  • All Common Nouns and Collective Nouns are regarded as countable.
  • Proper Nouns are also countable.
  • Abstract Nouns and Material Nouns are normally uncountable.

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