High Speed Winds

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*       High Speed Winds


Wind is the motion of air. Motion of air is due to the uneven heating of the Earth by solar radiation. The part of the Earth receiving less amount of solar energy are less heated as compare to those part which receive greater amount of solar radiation. Air travels from high pressure area to lower pressure area causing the movement of air. Therefore, the movement of air depends on the amount of heat received by an area from the solar radiation.


Look at the following picture of flow of air from high to low pressure area


Polar region receives less Sun rays in comparison to equator and from the other parts of the earth. Hence the climate of the polar region is cold. The area at equator receives maximum sunlight, thereby making the climate warm and hot. The speed of the wind depends on the heating of atmosphere by the solar radiation. More heat causes the high speed of movement of wind whereas less heat causes the low speed of movement of wind. The equator of the earth is at 0° latitude. South Pole of the earth is at 90°(S) latitude, and North Pole is at 90° (N) latitude.


Look at the following picture of flow of wind



Wind blows north to south is known as north wind, as it originates in north. West wind blows towards east direction and vice versa.

Low pressure area on the Earth causes the high speed of wind, which is formed due to temperature changes as well as revolution of the Earth. The speed of the wind is affected by mountains, earth crust and plants.


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