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*        Report writing


Introduction: A report is a factual description or account of an event or investigation of an issue or a problem. It may also be an objective analysis or evaluation of something. Depending upon its nature, a report can be single paragraph or a single page write-up or of hundreds of thousands of pages of a thorough investigation.


1.    You are a staff reporter of a leading newspaper and have attended a seminar on the programme 'Aid for Trade' at the India Habitat Centre. Write a short report understanding the importance of the programme.


*         Aid for Trade

Sept. 15, 2012, Staff Reporter: Aid for Trade is a programme that provides the means for developing countries to improve trade capacity through loans and grants as a part of Official Development Assistance (ODA). This program facilitates technical projects such as the expansion of infrastructure, strategy development and adjustment assistance that will further investment opportunity. The Aid for Trade program lacks the funding to fully accomplish its goals in aiding the developing world. The World Trade Organization (WTO) seeks to increase its funding in order to meet the goal of providing $10 billion to the developing world. First established in 1995, the Integrated Framework (IF) for Trade-Related Technical Assistance supports least developed country (LDC) governments in order to build trade capacity and integrate trade issues with individual nations' development strategies. Participating agencies with the IF include the IMF, ITC, UNCTAD, UNDP, World Bank and the WTO. The combined efforts of developed states focus on responding to the development needs of LDCs in order to facilitate the assimilation of LDCs into the multilateral trading system. This will allow for economic growth and the enhancement of poverty reduction tactics.


2.    Write a report on a road accident that happened at the dead of night in which a seventeen year-old teenager lost his life.


*         Teenager Died in Road Accident

New Delhi, Sept. 3, 2012: In a bizarre incident, a seventeen year-old Kalkaji teenager is dead after being involved in a car accident yesterday mid night. The teenager, Mohan Pandey, was a passenger in a car driven by Sanjeev Pradhan, 19 of Hamdard Nagar. Police say Pradhan was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. Neither Pradhan nor a second passenger was hurt.

On Saturday, September 3 at 1.10 a.m., a Delhi Traffic Patrol Squad responded to the scene of a motor vehicle crash near Okhla flyover. Officers determined that a Maruti Swift was travelling towards Nehru Place and the driver lost control of the vehicle. The car left the roadway after crossing the flyover and struck the edge of a driveway becoming airborne, then slid across the roadway and come to rest above the pavement. Police say speed was a factor. Pradhan was found by police to be under the influence of alcohol. He was charged with homicide-by-motor-vehicle while under the influence in addition to ten other charges including driving under the influence and failure to reduce speed to avoid collision.


3.    Frame a report on the statement by a group of scientists that the Miss Waldron's red colobus monkey, thought to be extinct, was seen in Africa recently.


*       Monkey Thought Extinct May be Alive

New Delhi, Sept. 22, 2012: A species of monkey thought likely to be extinct may still be swinging through the trees in Africa, according to a group of anthropologists.

The Miss Waldron's red colobus monkey was declared likely extinct in 2000 by a team that included W. Scott McGraw, an assistant professor of anthropology at Ohio State University. None had been seen since 1978, but McGraw said recently he has evidence the species survives.

Two years ago, McGraw retrieved the skin of a monkey a hunter killed in Ivory Coast that had the markings of the red colobus, he said. The pelt had the species' typical black hair on its back with reddish fur on its forehead and thighs, along with freshly dried blood.

Recently, he received a photo from an associate in Africa that shows a dead red colobus. McGraw is convinced the photo is genuine, he said.

The monkey grows to a height of about 3 feet, with a head that is smalt for its frame. It eats fruit, seeds and foliage and emits a loud shriek. The species is believed to be named for the companion of its discoverer. There are about 18 species of red colobus.

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